Entry #1


2007-12-09 01:59:55 by Metal-Chuy

Testing the new looks. A friend and I are working on a new project for NG. I searched for "Princess Peach" movies and/or games but it looks like there's nothing worth the effort. Just a bunch of sprites movies. There's one or two movies that scored quite high, but I felt there's need to be more of those as opposed to the sprite movies. Nothing against sprites, I just can't stand them.

I won't lie though, the "game" we are working on is going to use traced images....like 90% of the movies on this site. But hey, even that takes effort and we'll try to animate the traced images anyway. Oh well, this thing will take a long time to complete so...



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2008-10-19 12:21:31

huuumm looks pretty good


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